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The Westfjords

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When even Icelanders tell you a region in their nation perched at the top of the world is remote, it's time to go exploring. The Westfjords are only about a five hour drive from Reykjavik but once you arrive, it's navigating the ins and outs of the spindly fjords that becomes time consuming. You won't mind the drive though. Catch your breath vistas are promised around every hairpin turn up and down the cliff sides overlooking the pristine raging sea below.
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Dynjandi, Iceland
Although Gullfoss gets most of the tourists, Dynjandi waterfall is arguably one of the most breathtaking (and one of the biggest) in Iceland.Situated in the remote Westfjords (it’s sometimes described as the region’s jewel), ittumblessome 328 feet...
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Látrabjarg, Iceland
Látrabjarg is home to millions of puffins, but you must have a good day for taking photos and most importantly must be available during the evening. During the day they are on the ocean looking for fish. Our time there was very rainy and extremely...