The Twin Cities on Foot

The best way to explore any city is by foot, so you can weave through the streets and stumble upon whatever comes your way. These are some of the best areas in the Twin Cities to get out and wander.

240 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN 55102, USA
Scattered with Victorian mansions, St. Paul’s tree-lined Summit Ave. is one of the most beautiful residential streets in the Midwest, with famous former residents including author F. Scott Fitzgerald and early railroad entrepreneur James J. Hill. Guided tours are offered from the James J. Hill House Wed–Sun, but it is also a worthwhile independent stroll. Make sure to start or end at the gorgeous St. Paul Cathedral, overlooking downtown St. Paul.
Minneapolis, MN, USA
The Twin Cities are known for their extensive downtown Skyway systems, blocks of climate-controlled covered footbridges that connect buildings and allow residents (and visitors) to comfortably navigate the area anytime of year. Hubs of indoor shopping, dining and business are connected to major museums and sport stadiums, making foul weather a fool’s excuse.
Minneapolis, MN, USA
This riverfront Main St. strip is scattered with historic buildings from the 1850s and while a bit sleepy has points of interest like the movie theater and the beginning of the Stone Arch Bridge. Start your crossing from here to get the full effect of walking from the quaint past into the modernized Minneapolis skyline.
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