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The Silk Road

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One of the grandest trade routes in the world, the Silk Road has several paths, This list includes sites that are along the land route that starts in Xian, China and continues to Damascus, Syria.
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Lintong, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 710608
This picture is a view of Pit #1 at the Terra-Cotta museum in Xian...this is a huge site....and they haven't even touched the actual emperors tomb!
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Khodja Nurobobod Str., Buxoro, Uzbekistan
If you wander off the main paths in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and explore the labyrinth of narrow winding streets, you may be fortunate to find this monument symbolizing world unity. This madrassah or monastery is called Chor Minor, meaning the four...
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Samarkand, Uzbekistan
I will say a hundred times over, my experiences in Uzbekistan were less then ideal. I guess the great Silk Road cities had been built up so much in my mind that reality could never be satisfactory. In response to this feeling, I spent a lot of...
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Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, China
About 2km West of the entrance to Singing Sands National park in Dunhuang the fences to the park end but the dunes continue on. From there you can climb the dunes free of charge and, more importantly, free of people. Enjoy the satisfaction of the...
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Dunyue Rd, Dunhuang Shi, Jiuquan Shi, Gansu Sheng, China, 736200
Imagine the surprise and delight our group experienced upon arrival to the rooftop terrace of the Silk Road Hotel in Dunhuang, China! This resplendent view of the Singing Sand Dunes at sunset is in the heart of the exotic lands of the ancient Silk...
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Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
I decided a few weeks back to head to the city of Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. Unlike the other Silk Road countries, Kyrgyzstan is famous for nomads and nature, meaning it does not share the beautiful Silk Road cities with its neighbour Uzbekistan. With...