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The homeland

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in which I try to appreciate all the awesome sights my own country has to offer
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White Pocket, Arizona 86036, USA
Didn't get your permit to see The Wave? Have no fear. You can have the same experience (some say better) at White Pocket, part of South Coyote Buttes. Although you do need a permit, you don't need to win the lottery to do it and the experience is...
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Oregon, USA
Crater Lake is a must if you drive on the 5 through Oregon. Be aware that as the winter approaches the roads get icy, snowy and the temperature drops at least 10-15 degrees from bottom to top. It's a beautiful peaceful drive to the peak of what...
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Wyoming, USA
Was lucky enough to be sent to Jackson, WY for work. Spent every chance I had exploring the surrounding area. One evening I bought a sandwich and took a drive up into Grand Teton National Park. Looking at the map I found a nice spot to pull off...
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California 96142, USA
An icy dip in the water is a fast reminder that summer has barely begun in Tahoe. But I'll take frigid water and a clear view over tourist laden beaches any day.
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Utah, USA
this hike is the perfect morning trek...not too long or strenuous (around 5 miles) but climbing up the steep trail with railings (pictured behind me) is both exhilarating and fun! a must-do in zion. incredible views of the valley from the top.
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You can catch a glimpse of Mount Hood looming on the horizon from the city of Portland, Oregon. Look through the Douglas firs and find it. If you're in Portland, seek higher ground—preferably a rooftop or balcony—crack open a Mirror Pond, Rogue,...