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The Flora of Big Island's Volcanoes National Park

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Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii's Big Island is known for its active volcano and unpredictable lava flows—so it might surprise you to find that the park is a perfect place for tropical flora to thrive in mineral rich soil. The flowers around Big Island's Kilauea volcano make the national park even more beautiful. If you are looking for a treasure hunt of floral rewards, keep an eye out for colorful foliage as you explore the park's volcanic landscape.
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19-3974 Volcano Rd, Mountain View, HI 96771, USA
Take a walk down Devastation Trail in Volcanoes National Park and spot the first few sprouts of life peeking out of the lava-ravaged land. The ohia trees are the first to come back—probably because they're the goddess Pele's favorite flower.
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The ire of Mount Kilauea reforges the world before visitors' eyes. Nicknamed "the World's Only Drive-In Volcano," it’s produced serious lava every day since 1983 with no signs of stopping. Pele—the fire goddess who lives here,...