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The AFAR Guide to Tunisia

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Tunisia, once home to the ancient Carthaginian Empire, has seen several other empires sweep through since antiquity, with the Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, and French all having governed there. Since the end of French colonial rule in 1956, Tunisia has been among the most progressive states in the Arab world, led from 1957-1987 by the secular leader Habib Bourguiba. His successor, Zine Al-abidine Ben Ali, fled in 2011 due to widespread political unrest that later became known as the Arab Spring.
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Guermassa, Tunisia
“Old Guermessa is up there,” the locals advised us when we asked, pointing to a rocky hilltop. Needing the 4wd capability of our rented pickup truck, we climbed the steep path. The afternoon was sliding into evening, turning the abandoned...
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Djerba, Tunisia
This is the oldest Jewish temple in the world. It is in Djerba island south east of Tunisia.Actually the temple was found as early as, the 6th century B.C. Just after the destruction of the Jerusalem first temple by the Assyrian Nabuchodnassar the...
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Kairouan, Tunisia
Sit down! Have some tea! More tea! Rest your feet! The carpet sellers in Kairouan are all about your comfort… until it’s time for you to exit; then the pressure is on. Though it takes a dogged persistence not to give in to their sales tactics, it’...
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Jendouba, Tunisia
I discovered a couple years ago that if you have a penchant for ancient Roman ruins, it’s far better to go to Tunisia than Italy. The quality of preservation is far superior to many Italian sites and the lack of tourists is more refreshing than...
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Rue De La Kasbah, Kairouan, Tunisia
The entrance to Kairouan (spiritual heart of Tunisia) is marked by four giant carpets (made of ceramic tile). If you have interest in handmade carpets (knotted or woven) this is the place in Tunisia. The souks here have everything you can imagine...