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Taking the Kids to West Sweden

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It's easy to have extra fun that suits the whole family in west Sweden: imagine spending the day with snow leopards or riding a zipline between tall trees. With wildlife zoos, amusement parks and maritime and natural history museums, the region has endless activities for children of all ages.
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668 31, Högankas 2, 668 92 Ed, Sweden
The whole family will love getting up close and personal to the king of the forest at this 25-acre nature reserve. Sweden is home to between 300,000 and 400,000 moose in the summer, but here eight domesticated moose are roam the property, allowing...
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Steneby Prästgård, 660 10 DalsLånged, Sweden
If relaxing means anything but sitting still, Dalslands Aktiviteter is the place to go. Originally a place to try cold panning in the local river Stenebyälven, this adventure outfitter has grown into the largest of its kind in Sweden,where...
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Skara Sommarland, 532 92 Axvall, Sweden
Skara Sommarland combines the thrills of a waterpark with the joys of an amusement park. You can entertain the entire family for the day at this large waterpark five miles from Skara, which is why it receives 350,000 visitors a year. In addition...
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Åby säteri, 456 93 Hunnebostrand, Sweden
Set in the green landscape of Bohuslän, this animal park focuses on breeding and protecting endangered species. Here you will meet international celebrities like the Amur tiger and the snow leopards of Mongolia, as well as local species like...
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Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden
Even if you don’t like roundabouts and roller coasters, the amusement park Liseberg is a must when in Gothenburg. The park opened in 1923, and has been the social hub for the people of Gothenburg since then. They go to enjoy the beautiful flower...
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Karl Johansgatan 1-3, 414 59 Göteborg, Sweden
The Maritime Museum and Aquarium (Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet) is a museum that really takes children seriously. It explains all about seafaring life and the industry of Gothenburg, and tells the story of how around a million Swedes emigrated to the...
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Museivägen 10, 413 11 Göteborg, Sweden
The Natural History Museum (Göteborgs naturhistoriska museum) is itself something of a glimpse of history, since it’s the oldest museum in Gothenburg, founded in 1833. The museum hosts a huge collection of over 10 million animals of all sizes. But...
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Södra Vägen 50, 400 20 Göteborg, Sweden
In the middle of Gothenburg is a rain forest, swimming sharks, and other exciting natural attractions. They are at the Universeum museum, built to encourage children to explore, experiment, and learn about science and nature. Together with the...
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PIR FYRA 2, 417 64 Göteborg, Sweden
The era of the Swedish East India Company (Svenska Ostindiska Companiet) is the golden age of Gothenburg history, with ships bringing in the treasures of China. The ship Götheborg, named after the town, sank just outside the harbor in September...
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Alidelundsgatan 11, 506 31 Borås, Sweden
Maybe the best known wildlife park in Sweden, Borås Zoo is a green haven opened in1962,home to 65 animal species from the African continent and the Nordic regions. It’s the only zoo in Sweden that houses the majestic African bush elephant, and you...