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Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300
Beef noodle soup is a common Taiwanese dish (also popular in China). The first time I tried it was when I lived in Hsinchu, which supposedly has some of the best beef noodle dishes in Taiwan. There are many versions of the soup but basically it...
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Taipei, Taiwan
Especially when the weather grows cold in Taipei, everyone takes part in a favorite Taiwanese pastime—hanging out at a hot pot restaurant. This is a must-have experience here. Usually at each seat or table there is a cooking pot sunk into the...
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No. 10, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
The W Taipei showcases the city’s geography and cutting-edge technology. The lobby’s light installation reacts to human motion, and guest rooms feature dramatic skyline views. The W is also home to some of Taipei’s hottest nightspots, including...
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No. 101號, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Calling all lovers of food: Shilin Night Market is the largest of many night markets in Taipei. It is easily accessible by MRT and has endless stalls of restaurants/stands as well as shops. Bring a friend so you can share and experience more of...
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545, Taiwan, 南投縣埔里鎮清新里
A former vegetarian, I still prefer to consume vegetables much more than meat. Imagine my delight when, one day shortly after I moved to Puli, I came across a glorious family-owned vegetarian restaurant called 源豪素食館, or Howard Vegetarian Source....
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Qijin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 805
For many months while living in Taiwan, I'd passed (and smelled) roadside squid on a stick stands and avoided eating the Taiwanese treat. It's quite common to see squid on a stick throughout Taiwan, especially while strolling through night...
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Nantou City, Nantou County, Taiwan 540
One of my favorite Taiwanese foods is the baozi, or simply, bao. Baozi are steamed buns filled with tasty tidbits such as chicken, bean paste, curried meats, pork, vegetables, or custard. You can't eat just one! I love bao so much, I've written...
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741, Taiwan, 台南市善化區西衛
The Oyster Omelet is perhaps one of Taiwan's most famous delicacies and can be found in night markets throughout Taiwan. The omelet is made with fresh oysters and a batter of potato, sweet potato starch, and green vegetables. It's topped off with...
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Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 929
Xiao Liuqiu is basically a fishing village, and is known throughout Taiwan for its seafood. The main street is lined with seafood restaurants with the catch of the day sitting out front on ice in glass cases. You can always tell which is the...
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The Guanziling Hot Springs (關子嶺) are located in the foothills of the mountains of Taiwan, about 70 km northeast of Tainan City. These hot springs produce a fine, silty mud which is found in only three places in the world. It's said to be...