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Small Ship Wanders: Asia

Cruising in Asia is full of opportunities to wander around ancient temples, old towns, stunning landscapes, and bustling cities. South Korea, Japan, China, and ports in South East Asia are exotic destinations with plenty of places to entertain, educate, and inspire world travelers.
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Lantau Island, Hong Kong
The 112-foot-tall, bronze Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau Island is a breath-taking sight. Getting to the Po Lin monastery, where it’s located, via the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars is just as memorable. The 3.5-mile ride in the sky departs from Tung...
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341 Cao Đạt, Phường 1, Quận 5, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Whenever I get the urge to complain about my lack of space in the US, I remember the efficiently packed tight way that almost everyone else in the world lives. For instance, SE Asians are the masters of balancing their wares on bicycles. They also...
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181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896
There are nearly 100 malls in Singapore, the majority of which have become gleaming symbols of the city’s modernity. But what Singapore lacks in knock-off outlets, it makes up for in quality and convenience. Every year between May and July,...
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1 Kinkakujichō, Kita-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 603-8361, Japan
Built in the 14th century as a villa for a powerful shogun, Kinkaku-ji temple, commonly referred to as the Golden Pavilion, is an easy bus ride from the main bus terminal inKyoto. Thetemple isone of the most popular buildings in Japan,so expect a...
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Zhongshan Park is located in Jiangyin City in the heart of the the city center. The large community park has an amusement park, a Confucian temple, a lake, public works of art, and many places for locals to gather to talk, play cards and to listen...
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At the gates of Taiqing Palace, travelers will choose their fate by picking either wealth or longevity. The doorway on the left will lead to wealth; the door on the right will lead to longevity. The door in the middle is not available, unless you...