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Bold, spicy, and alluring, the cuisine of Latin America perfectly embodies the vivacious spirit of its home region. The flavors here come from many sources, including Europe, the Caribbean islands, and local indigenous communities. But over the centuries, these cultural influences have simmered together to create something uniquely delicious.
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Yucatan, Mexico
The culinary offerings in Mexico are as varied as its regional attractions. A visit to the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula reveals luxurious beachfront resorts, where you can sample elegantly prepared, fresh-caught seafood and ceviches (raw fish or...
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Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
What’s common to all Mexico’s regional styles of cookery is the liberal use of chili peppers. With their powerful smoky, sweet, and sometimes scorchingly hot flavors, these indigenous staples have done more to shape the cuisine here than any other...
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Granada, Nicaragua
An excellent place to sample Nicaragua’s traditional cuisine is the colonial city of Granada. Here, the streets are lined with lively restaurants dishing up local specialties like vigoron (a spicy marinated cabbage salad with boiled yucca and...
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Bluefields, Nicaragua
The cuisine of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua offers the freshest seafood of all kinds. Rondon is a traditional dish prepared with turtle meat, fish, beef, or pork. The meat is cooked with peppers and spices, banana, and yucca, making for a...
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Quito, Ecuador
Ecuador’s vibrant capital city reaches new heights with its dining scene—one that embraces its culinary history and takes it in new directions. A walk around its Centro Historico in particular will bring you to farmers’ markets and artisanal food...