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Sanya for Couples

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Situated at the southern tip of Hainan—often referred to as "the Hawaii of China"—Sanya is a resort boomtown that offers great weather, beautiful beaches, plenty of water sports, and an abundance of tropical fruit and seafood.
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Haitang, Sanya, Hainan, China
Nantian Hot Springs is a high-mineral, high-salinity hot springs resort on the edge of Clearwater Bay. There are a total of 34 hot springs pools, located in a natural coconut grove. There is a waterfall pool with water column to massage your back....
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Jiyang, Sanya, Hainan, China
Have you ever wanted to travel in a submarine? How about walking underwater like Jacques Cousteau? Then a visit to Yalong Bay Undersea World is a must. You can ride an Australian "semi-submersible vessel." It goes as deep as 1.7 meters, and you...
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China, Hainan, Sanya Shi, Yazhou Qu, 崖城
In Mandarin this area is called Daxiao Dongtian, or "Big and Small Dongtian." A dongtian is a fairyland. In Taoist culture, there are 10 big dongtians, 36 small dongtians, and 72 blessed fairylands. This is Sanya's most ancient attraction, and is...
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China, Hainan, Sanya Shi, Jiyang Qu, 鹿岭路
At the top of one of the tallest mountains in Sanya—which is more like a big hill, really—stands a statue of a deer looking over its back. The legend says that a boy was hunting the deer when suddenly the deer glanced back, and magically turned...
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Yazhou, Sanya, China
To be completely honest, the Sanya Nanshan Temple is a bit of a tourist trap. Take the bus and dash in a for a quick photo of the sea goddess statue. All is not lost. The surrounding area is gorgeous, and well worth a stroll around to watch the...
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China, Hainan, Sanya Shi, Jiyang Qu, Luhuitou Rd, 河东区鹿回头半岛
For an excellent, five-star restaurant that is not in a hotel, Gourmand is a great choice. They offer Malaysian and French nouvelle cuisine at the yacht club. The food is great, but the view over the marina is the real draw. Catch a sunset here...
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Hong Sha Ma Tou, Jiyang Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China
For fresh seafood, there's nothing better than eating on a fishing boat—or a raft. After taking a taxi to the Hongsha docks, a fisherman will give you a ride to the raft in his speedboat. The raft is a bit ramshackle, with wooden boards set up so...
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Tielu N Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
Skip the cereal and eat a local breakfast. Hainan's breakfast noodles are served at room temperature with a variety of toppings, such as tahini and roasted peanuts, or meat gravy with shredded bamboo. A Hui Restaurant is a good bet to try these...
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466 Jiefang Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
For me, checking out locally produced tea is a must, wherever I am in China. It's nice to mentally slow down and sit for an hour at the tea merchant's hand-carved tea table, sampling a variety of tea. Hainan Specialty Tea Market is a good spot to...
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518 Jiefang Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
Sanya is known for its pearls. They are considered to be the highest quality in all of China, so this is not the place to go discount shopping: Pearls at GN Pearl, a reputable pearl shop, cost 500–15,000RMB. If you are just looking for something...
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33 Hairun Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
Did you know that Chiarman Mao's coffin was built with Hainan crystal? So it's no surprise that Sanya is famous for its crystals. Everyone here also says that crystals have health benefits, if you believe in that sort of thing. Since convincing...