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Santo Domingo Old Vs. New

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Santo Domingo 10212, Dominican Republic
In Santo Domingo, in the town square, you notice a funny two level structure perched on the edge and overlooking the ports. The Alcazar de Colon was a house built in 1510 by Cristobol Colombo's (Christopher Columbus) son, Diego. Diego was the...
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Yamasá 92000, Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic ranks at the top of the global ranking in cocoa production and export. In 2009 it exported over 62,000 tons of cocoa mainly to the United States and Europe. Try the local cocoa tea made from shaving cocoa balls!
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This is going to be my totem street art for 2015. Cool vibes only! A lot of the street art I ended up finding in Santo Domingo was in the Malecon section, by the ocean. This sort of boardwalk street has been a locals hang out spot for decades....
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Santo Domingo 10106, Dominican Republic
Up until this year I never really knew how much Dominicans are obsessed with Christmas. This special installation in the center of the city is in it’s second year. I saw so many happy faces. The kids really do have the best time. Photography by...
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When you amble on the oceanfront walks of Santo Domingo, don't miss the chance to say hello to Fray Anton-- This guy was a Spanish Dominican friar on the island of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti) who, with prior, Fray Pedro de...
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Av. 30 de Marzo 140, Santo Domingo 10201, Dominican Republic
After a night of partying Dominicans in Santo Domingo head to popular old school spot Payan. It became my favorite place to eat not only because of their luscious pork leg sandwiches, but also all of the freshly made juices they offer. It was...
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Calle Emiliano Tejera 106, Santo Domingo 10212, Dominican Republic
La Casa De Los Dulces translates to The House of Sweets in English. You can see why this is every kids favorite spot in the colonial section of Santo Domingo. I used to visit all the time. It brought back so many memories to return and the owner...
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Av República de Colombia, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
The Botanical Gardens in Santo Domingo is now the home of a new butterfly house. I took the opportunity to experiment with my camera. The butterflies were a friendly & curious bunch. All of the colors I found in that small netted room were...