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Rum Distilleries of the West Indies

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Initially upon distillation, rum is a clear beast of an alcohol you’d be hard-pressed to enjoy even a sip of. It takes aging in barrels to produce the dark, smooth, magic elixir we love to love. Here are some of my favorite distilleries that do it better (or more interestingly) than anyone else. The last 3 aren't distilleries, but add a certain something to rum you won't find anywhere else.
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Pearls Main Rd, Moya, Grenada
Visiting the River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum distillery in the north of the island is almost like taking a step 250 years back in time where rickety wooden carts are pushed along ancient tracks moving sugarcane to and from the water powered cane...
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A tour of St. Nicholas Abbey is a chance to explore one of the finest so-called great houses of Barbados. Not an actual abbey, the well-preserved Jacobean plantation mansion in the northern parish of St. Peter dates from the mid-17th century and...

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3007 Hannah's Rest, Fredericksted, USVI 00840, USVI
Rum is the Caribbean’s signature spirit, its production documented in the region since colonial times. Just as there are dozens of varieties of rum, Caribbean travelers can select from a wide variety of rum distillery tours. The one...
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Guayacanes, Dominican Republic
Founded in 1930 by Julian Barceló in Santo Domingo, Ron Barceló has grown to become one of the top three rums in the Dominican Republic. One of the “three B’s” as their called: Barcelo, Brugal, and Bermudez. The tour here doesn't get much into the...
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Four Roads, Barbados
It's not done idly when they eschew the term "distillery" in favor of "rum factory and heritage park" in the case of Foursquare. As a "rum factory" they produce tremendous amounts of some of the most loved rums from Barbados. Naturally, you can...
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Domaine Thieubert, Le Coin, Le Carbet 97221, Martinique
Martinique’s Route Des Rhums is something of the ultimate single island rum tour. The big reason for this being there are 10 different distilleries spread across Martinique’s 425 square miles! TEN! Two of the best are Distillerie Neisson and...
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Edmundo B Fernández Inc, PR-5, Bayamón, 00961, Puerto Rico
Much of what made Barrilito special back when it got its start in 1804 still applies today. The rum is still produced at the Santa Ana Plantation in Bayamon, in the same buildings, using the same tried-and-tested techniques right down to the...
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Woodlands Road, Saint Peter, s, Woodlands Rd, St Peter's, Montserrat
Bush rum is the perfect storm of many West Indian traditions. First, you have the bush. A little arrowroot for this, a little “love vine” for that. Then, of course, you’ve got the rum. In this case, Wray & Nephew’s overproof rum. (126-proof or 63%...
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La Savane, 97150, St Martin
Kali's a character and his rum infusions left to bake in the punishing West Indian sun are not to be missed! Try from a selection including guavaberry (maybe not what you're thinking), passion fruit, papaya, banana and more. Don't forget to order...