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Rhine River Cruise

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The Rhine River is a popular destination for those taking a river cruise.Explore little towns along the river and thriving cities that have prospered because of their proximity to the water.
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Bonn, Germany's former capital, is a small place and everything is accessible in only a few minutes. Locals love to ride their bikes and the city offers an amazing network of parks that seem to be connected. You can ride alongside the Rhein river...
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Koblenz, Germany
Charles de Gaulle once famously remarked on the difficulties of governing France, with its 246 different kinds of cheese. That’s nothing compared to Germany, with an estimated 600 types of bread and 1,200 types of pastries and rolls. German...
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Cologne, Germany
Along the Rhine River when the sun comes out, so do the locals and tourists. And when they walk along the river, they come across this colorful collection of buildings which are now restaurants.
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Basel, Switzerland
Sun may be up, but the dry sun flowers said it all. It's December and weather is dry, cold and Basel is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
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The quiet terrace at Restaurant Waldhaus overlooks the Rhine. For a fish fancier, the Egli fillets are done to a turn, and there is an extensive, meaty menu as well. Good food and a dreamy setting between river and forest make Waldhaus special for...
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Lindenstraße 9, 63571 Gelnhausen, Germany
Mane is a branch of the Rhine River. It crosses through Frankfurt and offers it a special romantic note. A beautiful idea is to have a small cruise in the Mane River, exploring the area through a different optical angle!