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Places to Watch, Hear and Dance Tango

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Tango isn't just a dance to watch: it's a form of music, and a lifestyle, and an authentic way to learn about Buenos Aires and its residents. The best places to experience tango vary between traditional milongas (tango clubs) where you'll watch the locals in action, or tango shows like Rojo Tango at the Faena Hotel. The true rite of passage, of course, is taking a tango lesson and hitting the dance floor yourself.
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San Cristóbal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
To get a real feel for the Tango culture in Buenos Aires then you must go to a Milonga (Tango club). As I walked into Sueno Porteno Milonga I felt as if I had walked back into a cheesy disco in the 70's. But instead of the BeeGees, the speakers...
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Av. Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña 864, C1110AAR CABA, Argentina
Down the street from the famed "El Ateneo" theater-turned-bookstore, is a "teach yourself tango" dance vereda - or sidewalk. It's located near Avenida Callao, down Avenida Santa Fe in Barrio Norte. Here you can learn the eight basic steps to the...
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Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
My favorite thing about Buenos Aires when I lived there was Sunday. Every Sunday, it seemed the whole city would go outside and sit. Every park and outdoor space was completely filled with crowds of people drinking mate. Sometimes there would be...
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Balcarce 431, C1064AAI CABA, Argentina
I was skeptical - a dinner tango show sounded like a touristy nightmare in Buenos Aires with mediocre food and overpriced tickets. However I decided to try this classic tourist activity because I simply wanted to see some really great tango. La...
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Sarmiento 4006, C1197AAH CABA, Argentina
Milonga references a style of dance intrinsic to the Argentine tango and Afro-influenced in style, known to be less formal and more rustic. This particular evening in Buenos Aires at La Catedral was serendipitous. I sat in awe watching couples...
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Martha Salotti 445, C1107 CMB, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’ve attended quite a few professional tango shows over the years, but I’ve always wondered where you can see the best tango in the world on any given night. Rojo Tango—"a mix of love, passion, madness and glamour"—at the...
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San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Copa America 2011

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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
beautiful sunset from san telmo roof
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Humberto 1º 1462, C1076 CABA, Argentina
There are two ways to see tango in Buenos Aires: at a glitzy made-for-tourists tango show (which is, to be fair, a good time in its own right) or at a milonga, or tango club. One of the best, El Niño Bien, well off the tourist circuit at the...