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Jabal al Qala`، Yemen
Citadel Hill, or Jabal el Qala in Arabic, lords over the sizzling, noisy city of Amman, Jordan. Standing on that hill feels like being on top of the world. All of Amman spreads out below the mount. The hill is an expansive plain, gently sloped,...
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Aqaba, Jordan

I lived and worked for two years in Aqaba, Jordan

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Jerash Governorate, Jordan
I'll be honest, the primary reason I went to Jordan was to see Petra. But rather than fly in and out, I decided to spend a week exploring the country. One day I went to the ancient city of Jerash. It was beautiful - well preserved with the avenues...
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The King's Highway is the longest, winding road in Jordan. It stretches from Amman to Aqaba and is about 208 miles. It takes days to drive but you see everything from forested highlands, open farmland plateaus, deep ravines, the edge of the...
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Bedouin's refer to Arabian horses as drinkers of the wind. I had the good fortune of being taken on a private tour of the royal stables outside of Amman. A gentleman brought out one of the prized studs and he pranced and snorted like a boxer...
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Basman, Amman, Jordan
Tea is the centerpiece of Jordanian culture. I’m in awe of how Jordanians drink tea. Like coffee, tea is served in tiny glasses. The glasses normally don’t have a handle, which makes it difficult to hold when hot. You become really good at holding...
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Disi, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Jordan
Everyone I met in Jordan was engaging, interesting and polite, including the children. If you find yourself in an old bedouin town, make sure to engage with the kids, who often speak english better than adults. Here they're playing with an...