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Peru's Northern Desert Coast

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The northern desert coast of Peru is filled with ruins and museums to explore. This is the place to go if you want to see active archaeological digs, ancient pottery, and lots of gold.
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Trujillo, Peru
Trujillo stands out in northern Peru, where desert monotones blend with cinderblock architecture punctuated by sprawling garbage dumps. Trujillo pops out of the desert with brightly colored colonial buildings restored to beautiful effect. Stroll...
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Trujillo 13001, Peru
The Plaza de Armas in the Peruvian city of Trujillo is lined with brightly painted colonial buildings with dark wood Spanish balconies. The balconies were built so proper Spanish ladies could look out on the plaza without being seen. Today, locals...
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Chan Chan is a huge UNESCO World Heritage site on the edge of the colonial city of Trujillo. The ruins of the ancient Chimu adobe city are really well preserved, with life-size sculpture, and friezes of birds, geometric shapes, sea otters and...
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Batan Grande is a sprawling archaeological site where weather-beaten adobe pyramids tower over a forest of algarrobo (carob) trees. The gold, spondylus shells, pottery, breastplates and masks from the tombs continuously being excavated at Batan...
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Pimentel District, Peru
The beach town of Pimentel, near Chiclayo (on Northern Peru's desert coast), is known for its family-run beachfront cevicherias. These restaurants have immediate access to fish straight from the sea. Ceviche is eaten only for lunch in the north -...
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Federico Villarreal 115, Chiclayo 14009, Peru
Carob (algarrobo in Spanish) grows abundantly on Peru's northern desert coast. The algarrobina is a rich and chocolaty cocktail made with carob syrup, pisco, egg yolk, and evaporated milk. Since pisco sours only use the egg white - algarrobinas...
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Ferreñafe, Peru
Ferreñafe is not the town you imagined yourself visiting in Peru. Far from the Andes and the Amazon, on the northern desert coast, Ferreñafe is a small provincial town with one tourist draw, the Museo Nacional Sican, where elaborate gold funerary...