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Papua New Guinea

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From the Highlands to the Sepik River... this is where I had the fortunate experience of seeing a country & culture that rarely is seen by Western eyes. It took about 2 years in the planning to ensure my safety as this is not one of the most...
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I flew into Tari from Port Moresby. The landing field was small and remote. After we landed I noticed that there were many people waiting for our plane to arrive. I wasn't sure if this was the way it was with every plane or if somehow our plane...
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Kaevaga, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea's capital of Port Moresby is surrounded by squatter settlements and villages. Where land is scarce, villagers have found other ways to create accommodation, like these ingenious stilt houses that extend into the harbour. Hanuabada...
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Alotau, Papua New Guinea
There is always something special about diving in PNG. The lack of crowds and abundant marine life. Here we were diving Fan Gardens of Alotoa. Just after this shot a hammerhead cruised past in the distance. Truly awesome!
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Mushu Island, Papua New Guinea
And played with the kiddos of the island. These are surfboards! Carved from ingenuity after an Australian visited them with his fiberglass board in the 80s. The ritual continues...if you are out there Mr Ausie, know you've changed this island's...