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Panama for the Adventuresome

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Highlights from my trip to Panama with a new friend. http://www.esmetravels.com/category/travel-blog/panama-travel-blog/
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Avenida Belisario Porras Diagonal a la Policia Nacional, en la cara contraria donde esta el Banco Nacional de Panama., Bajo Boquete, Panama
La Amistad Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is mostly untouched, creating a home for more than 100 mammal species, including endangered tapirs, jaguars, ocelots, pumas, and howler monkeys. There are also more than 400 species of birds...
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Clayton, Panama City, Panama
The best view of the Panama Canal is from the roof top restaurant with a bottle of Panama beer. It is truly amazing to watch the massive ships maneuver through relatively narrow canal.
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Panama City, Panama
Our driver to take us to the Bahá’í Temple. Only eight Bahá’í houses of worship exist (although more are under construction). The Panama City temple shares the same dome-like shape and nine-sided design (as do all the temples)as the others, but...
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I kick-off my offending footwear, grab my book and retire to the common area on the top floor. Blissfully supine in my hammock, I read a page, gaze out at the treetops, read another page, and gaze out at the treetops again. At 6:00 the staff sets...