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Outdoor Adventures in The Islands of Tahiti

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The beauty of The Islands of Tahiti almost can’t be described in words—which may be why French painter Paul Gauguin felt compelled to move there to capture it on canvas. While it’s tough to articulate the vivid blue-green waters, the majestic mountains, and the intensity of its flowers, it’s easy to appreciate in person. There are outdoor activities for all interests and adventure levels—all year long. Start with these signature experiences in the five archipelagos of The Islands of Tahiti.
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The shared lagoon between the islands of Taha’a and Raiatea—both part of The Society Islands, along with the island of Huahine—is a treasure trove of underwater caves, caverns, and shipwrecks. It teems with sea life, including large schools of...
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The Islands of Tahiti can feel like the edge of the earth. Now imagine flying three hours farther than the main international airport, and you’ll get a sense of the remote beauty and ancient roots of Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva, two of the 12 islands of...
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The second largest atoll in the world, Rangiroa is made up of over 240 tiny islets (or motu) ringed by a string of coral—a layout that, from the air, resembles a giant pearl necklace lying in a bed of blue velvet. The lagoon between all the...
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Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
The four islands of the Gambier archipelago are set over one thousand miles southeast of the Island of Tahiti, and are populated by just a few hundred residents—so visitors often feel like they’ve got this slice of paradise all to themselves....
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Austral Islands, French Polynesia
Continue hundreds of miles south of the main island of Tahiti and you’ll come to the Tropic of Capricorn and the five-island Austral Islands chain. There are plenty of ways to connect to nature here. Take a cue from the locals and join them as...