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Having grown up on an island I feel most at home in the outdoors. At any moment of the day I would rather be climbing a mountain, learning about nature, or experiencing some quirk of our surrounding environment. This is an eclectic collection of all the adventures that are possible when you step outside, and hopefully it will provide inspiration for reasons to get out and play.
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We were on one of a several river journeys near Anavilhanas Lodge west of Manaus, looking for the expected dolphin, bird, or snake and right in front of us we find a sloth swimming across the wide river! Slow as molasses on land, but really not...
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I was traveling though Colombia on a job and I took this photo of Willa, my colleague and fast-friend, being dwarfed by wax palms, the world's tallest palm trees, in Valle de Corcora in Colombia's coffee triangle. This experience was so memorable...
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3800 Sundlauenen, Switzerland
While many walked through the streets of the small town, I decided to head along the river and came across this beautiful view of Lake Brienz.
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Wharf St, Port Douglas QLD 4877, Australia
Swimming with a Maori Wrasse at Agincourt Reef located 38 kilometers from Cairns on The Great Barrier Reef. I highly recommend Silverswift dive boat out of Cairns or their sister vessel the Silversonic out of Port Douglas.