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Oman Outdoors

The beauty of Oman is outside! Get out of Muscat and go to the mountains, canyons, coastal cliffs, wadis, and dessert - that's where the real adventure awaits!
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Bald Sayt, Oman
Getting to Bilad Sayt took a little work – but it’s worth it as it’s one of the unique places to see in Oman . It was literally off the beaten path as we had to get there by 44 and then by foot through a water filled canyon and steep rocks. As I...
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Tiwi, Oman
Find a little slice of Middle Eastern paradise 2 hours outside of Muscat at Wadi Shab. Hike into this pristine wadi (valley) which snakes deep into the rocks and provides an array of oranges and browns that you will marvel at at the sun hides...
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Ar Rissah, Oman

Jebel Akhdar, meaning (The Green Mountain), surpringly provided some lush, terraced landscapes to hike through. Due to Jebel Akhdar’s location and unique weather, the Green Mountain produces a variety of fruits, but it also produces some...

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The village located in wadi Bani Habib were crumbling – but they did give us an idea of what village life used to be like not that long ago. These villages were abandoned not due to fighting, but due to progress. As Oman started develop in the mid...
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Jebel Shams, Jabal Shams, Oman
It's referred to as Oman's Grand Canyon - located on Jebel Shams (mountain of sun). The Balcony Walk is a well marked trail that runs the rim of the canyon. This 4 hour out and back hike will dish up some of the best views in Oman. You will pass...
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From this point on, I was going where no vehicles can go – I had to rely on my feet – and occasionally my hands. But little did I know that what I really had to rely upon was my mind to get me through the next hiking days along the Oman coast....