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Nordkapp's Top Five

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Nordmannset 27, 9750 Honningsvåg, Norway
The closest airport to the North Cape is less busy since the undersea North Cape Tunnel opened, yet Honningsvåg Airport remains a vital transport link for the local communities on the island of Magerøya and beyond. A short runway and surrounding...
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E69, 9764 Nordkapp, Norway
These bright red sea creatures are a well-known icon of the northern coast of Norway and a staple of the local diet, yet they are a relatively recent arrival. First introduced to the Barents Sea in the ’60s by Russians, the crabs have now...
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Unnamed Road, 9800 Vadsø, Norway
The North Cape marks the transition from the Atlantic Ocean’s Norwegian Sea to the Arctic Ocean’s Barents Sea. As relatively shallow water, the Barents Sea is prime for fishing and oil and gas exploration. Because of these economic prospects, ...
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Gjesværstappan, Nordkapp Municipality, Norway
Gjesværstappan is a clutch of tall, steep-sided islands about 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) west of the North Cape. The biggest islands of Storstappen, Kjerkestappen and Bukkstappen are notable for their grass-covered nature, in stark contrast to the...
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Nordkapp Municipality, Norway
The farther north you sail past the Arctic Circle, the longer the midnight sun lasts. In the waters around the North Cape, the sun stays above the horizon around the clock from the middle of May to the end of July. On cloud-free nights, the...