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My Dream Fall Getaway. Road Trip Through Normandy

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For me, Normandy in autumn evokes images of the apple harvest, cider and the best thing that ever happened to brandy, Calvados. Normandy begs to be driven through to be experienced - the famed Cider Route and a harvest festival to start with. Then it would off to take in the natural beauty of the landscape that inspired Monet , visit quaint towns, breathe in the sea air, feast on the bounty of fall harvests, and step foot on hallowed grounds steeped in history.
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14400 Bayeux, France
The beautiful Gaulish town: once captured by the Bretons, the Saxons and then the Vikings. Visit the famous Bayeux Tapestry, displayed in the first town in France, liberated by the Allies on June 7, 1944
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5 Avenue des Tilleuls, 14340 Cambremer, France
Beyond its rich history, Normandy is perhaps best known for its local specialties - salted caramel, creamy milk, a variety of pungent cheeses and heady cider. One of the best spots in the region for the latter is at Pierre Huet in Cambremer where...
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Honfleur, France
No trip to France's Normandy coast is complete without a visit to the charming port of Honfleur. Here you will find Impressionist art, tasty cuisine, and warm hospitality.
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Place de la Cathédrale, 76000 Rouen, France
Beneath the Gothic stone lacework of the south façade of Rouen's cathedral, a fruit-market sets up for business on a rainy autumn day. (for the 'markets' theme, 22-28 March)
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Château d'Audrieu, 14250 Audrieu, France
Dining at the Relais & Chateau restaurant inside the Château d' Audrieu is a wonderful fine dining experience. In reality, there aren't a ton of fine dining restaurants in this part of France, so it is a nice change if you are visiting for a week....
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Giverny, France
The sun was warm and had a different illumination that came through this photograph of Monet's gardens. This father and child felt like a moment in time captured that could be 1811 or 2011.
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14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, France
The exquisitely maintained Normandy Cemetery, overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel, is the final resting place for 9,836 American servicemen.
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50170 Mont Saint-Michel, France
Twilight the lighting seemed perfect and I was able to capture the fading light somehow. The feeling as if this could be both modern or enchantment in scope appeals to my sense of art. A magical location not to be missed. we were able to stay on...
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Étretat, France
A small village in Normandy. The rocks inspired Monet and continue to inspire the visitors.