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"Must Do" Antigua

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What is on your Antigua Must Do list? The beach, of course. There are the fabled 365 beaches—one for every day of the year. But intrepid travelers should look beyond the shore for some of Antigua's iconic must do experiences. These include true staples of any trip to Antigua (like Stingray City and Shirley Heights), plus a couple must-do experiences that are a bit more uncommon.
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Shirley Heights, Antigua and Barbuda
No visit to Antigua is complete without taking in the sunset atop Shirley Heights Lookout at its weekly Sunday sundowner party. The view from Shirley Heights is without a doubt the most famous, most photographed, most celebrated vista gracing...
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Antigua and Barbuda
I'd never touched a stingray before. I'd never wanted to. It went against everything I believe about interactions with wildlife: look, but don't touch and certainly don't harass. Yet there is something undeniably magical about motoring out to a...
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Valley Rd, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda
Markets have traditionally been central to life on the small islands of the Caribbean, so it shouldn't be a surprise that one visit to Antigua'a new Public Market Complex could transport you back to a simpler time before impersonal supermarkets,...
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Woodlands, Montserrat
How can a "must do" experience on an island be leaving the island? When it's visiting the one-of-a-kind, totally off-the-beaten-path island of Montserrat. A modern day Pompeii, Montserrat used to be an emerald gem in the crown of the Caribbean....
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Pavilion Dr, Osbourn, Antigua and Barbuda
Okay, this may not really qualify as a "must do" activity in Antigua for most, but I've never ever seen this ingenious invention before in all my Caribbean travels, so for me grabbing a couple mini rotis from the snackette at the airport is a...