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Meet the Local Wildlife of GALÁPAGOS

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The wildlife encounters in the Galápagos are singular, and legendary—where else can you approach a 500-pound giant land tortoise in the wild, or swim alongside playful, darting sea lions? But there are lesser-known marvels here, too—like the islands’ multicolored beaches. An expedition with Lindblad-National Geographic lets you experience it all.
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Española Island, Ecuador
The wild creatures of the Galápagos Islands are unique in several ways. Not only have species evolved independently—and thus, differently—than any place on earth, but they’ve also done so without natural predators. That means many of the animals...
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Floreana Island, Ecuador
Galápagos travelers are often amazed to find themselves approached by sea lions—especially juveniles, whose playful curiosity can seem almost puppylike. When they see a Zodiac nearing their beach, sea lions will sometimes rush into the water to...
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Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador
No less than ten different subspecies of giant land tortoise are endemic to the Galápagos (meaning they’re found here and nowhere else). Up to five feet long and weighing more than 500 pounds, these primordial-looking, slow-moving creatures are...
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Fernandina Island, Ecuador
While Charles Darwin didn’t much care for the marine iguanas of the Galápagos (he dismissively dubbed them “imps of darkness”), modern-day travelers may find them fascinating. Endemic to the Galápagos, they are the only iguanas on earth that feed...
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Bartolomé Island, Ecuador
Though the wildlife in the Galápagos gets most of the hype, the archipelago’s fantastically colored beaches get raves, too. These vary dramatically from island to island; while a beach on Rabida Island is crimson red (due to a high concentration...