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Mauritius for Couples

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Mauritius is more than just another gorgeous beach island. The mix of Indian, African, French, Chinese, and English heritage has given it an incredible creole vibe, influencing the culture and food in ways that will surprise and delight you.
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Moka, Mauritius
After seeing the Mauritian women glide through the streets of Port Louis in their bright, dancing saris, you've decided it's high time you had your own. Jetha Tulsidas, with shops both in Port Louis and the high-end Bagatelle Shopping Center, has...
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Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius
Spend a few days on the island and you'll learn that the now-extinct dodo holds a special place in Mauritian hearts. You no longer think of it as just a dumb bird or a symbol of careless extinction. Instead, the many colorful dodo crafts make you...
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Pamplemousses, Mauritius
They say Victoria amazonica, or giant water lilies, are robust enough to hold up a small child without sinking into the water. But while the specimens at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolan Botanical Park are more than large enough to tempt you to test that...
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Eureka Lane, Montagne Ory, Moka, Mauritius
To go back in time and see how the Mauritian colonials lived, visit the so-called "House of 109 Doors." Maison Eureka preserves the past, with its impeccable collection of antique furniture and architecture. Yet no visit is complete with a stroll...
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Tamarind Falls Reservoir, Mauritius
Tamarind Falls are a breathtaking series of waterfalls set among pristine, lush rain forest. It's quite a hike up the gorge to get there, but you're rewarded by sparkling cascades of water, clear pools, and a wealth of bird life. Named for the...
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Cap Malheureux, Mauritius
Notre Dama Aurilliatrice Chapel marks a historic spot: This most northerly point of Mauritius is where the British first landed before laying claim to the island in 1810. Many come to the affectionately nicknamed "Red Roof Chapel" to check out the...
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Balaclava/Turtle Bay, Terre Rouge, Mauritius
You've spent your time on the island staying busy—you've hiked, you've snorkeled, and you've explored. Now, you want to take your time with a romantic evening. So you head to Chateau Mon Desir. Look out over the Balaclava ruins as the sun sets....
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Walk into Le Chateau de Bel Ombre and you know the use of the word "chateau" isn't just for kicks. The restaurant is housed in a historic mansion, the heart of which was once a thriving sugar plantation. But while you might find yourself charmed...
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9 Corderie St, Port Louis, Mauritius
Port Louis isn't very big. It's the perfect size for a good walk. And if you find you need sustenance on that journey—but don't want to stop exploring—you can't go wrong with picking up a bite from a street vendor. Mauritian street vendors have a...
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Avenue Dolphins 6, Pointe aux Sables 11102, Mauritius
There's something different about Mauritian rum. It's not made from molasses, like so many of the Caribbean varieties. Instead, it's distilled from pure sugarcane juice. It has a singular taste, specific to the island. And it's a taste you don't...
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Route Royale, Grand Baie, Mauritius
You've planned your evening. You want to warm up with a quiet drink around a friendly bar, maybe with a little live acoustic music. Then, once you've got your bearings, you want to dance all those extra calories off. You can do both at Mauritius'...
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Rue du Bazaar, Mahebourg, Mauritius
You wandered the stalls at Port Louis Grand Bazaar and found yourself a little disappointed by the touristy vibe. For a more traditional Mauritian marketing experience, head to the weekly Mahebourg Market on Mondays. Spices, textiles, crafts and...