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138 rue Robert Deloy, Grande Anse, Anses d'Arlet 97217, Martinique
Martinique’s dive sites are spectacular and varied, and include: the wrecks, sloping walls, and black sand of Precheur-St Pierre; the white sand of Anses d’Arlet; the coral gardens of Baie du Diamant; the legendary Diamond rock at Baie de Ste...
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Mt Pelée, Arrondissement of Saint-Pierre, Martinique
On May 8, 1902, a pyroclastic eruption (a current of hot gas and rock) sped towards Saint-Pierre and within minutes destroyed the city and killed 30,000 people. The volcano is now dormant, and there are number of hikes to the summit of this...
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Lotissement Pointe Savane, Martinique
What's better than island hopping from one picturesque slice of Martinique to the next? Nothing. Trick question. Sea kayaking with the good folks from Madinina Kayaks is pure island bliss. These are totally customizable and can be tailored to suit...
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Pnt des Salines, Sainte-Anne, Martinique
Martinique can be busy in places—that's the price you pay for paradise, I suppose—but Les Salines Beach can be yours and yours alone if you're one of the early risers. One of the most iconic stretches of sand on Martinique, Les Salines is enjoyed...
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Route de Balata, Fort-de-France 97234, Martinique
This three-hectare park holds 3,000 types of indigenous flora and fauna—including some 300 species of palm trees—just outside of Martinique’s capital. For nearly 30 years, horticultural enthusiasts have followed the multilingual markers through...
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6000 Rio Mar Blvd, Río Grande, PR 00745
Rented 4WD needed for roads out to Green Beach, but worth the adventure. Very private and completely gorgeous. Great snorkeling too.
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domaine de l'acajou, Le François 97240, Martinique
The only rums in the Caribbean awarded the prestigious label Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), Martinique’s signature spirits are made straight from the sugarcane juice and are a source of national pride. Watch the magic happen at Habitation...
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Carbet Mountains, Le Morne-Vert, Martinique
Mt. Pelé is Martinique's tallest and most notorious volcano, but it's not the only one. Just south of Mt. Pelé runs a string of five smaller volcanoes called the Carbet Mountains, which look similar to the Pitons in nearby St. Lucia. Small...
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Anse Ceron, Martinique

The coastline around Mt. Pelée is marked by crescents of rich black sand, a stark difference from the white-sand beaches of other parts of the island. These unique and secluded beaches come in varying shades, from light gray at Anse Turin...

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Saint-Pierre, Martinique

Martinique's former capital was a cultural hub of the Caribbean. St.-Pierre was the site of the original French settlement on the island, and it was long considered the Paris of the West Indies until 1902, when the eruption of Mt. Pelée...