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Kulgade 6, 7600 Struer, Denmark
Each year during the second week in September, approximately 60 seafarers set sail in their antique wooden ships as part of the Limfjord Regatta—the largest such race in Scandinavia. The vessels visit several ports along the Limfjord, but Struer...
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Fur, 7884 Fur, Denmark
When passing by the island of Fur, notice the cliffs near the shoreline with their many distinct geological layers. The island is known for its deposits of diatomite, a mineral that forms from algae and was first used by the Greeks over 2,000...
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Ved Stranden 7, 7700 Thisted, Denmark

In the middle of the Limfjord, Mors (or Morsø) is another island, like Fur, known for its diatomite deposits. On Mors's western side, the impressive Vilsund Bridge (Vilsundbroen) is one of the fjord's most recognizable manmade landmarks,...

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Jydeholmen 4, 9240 Nibe, Denmark
As you sail along the Limfjord, to one side of your ship is North Jutlandic Island (which was, in fact, connected to the mainland until 1825, when a storm destroyed the isthmus that linked it to the rest of Denmark). To your south, the Jutland...
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7680 Thyboron, Denmark
The wind that blows off the North Sea has long made life a challenge for the hardy residents of this part of Denmark, but now it is being put to good use. Towering over the sea near the western end of the Limfjord are the huge turbines of a vast...