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Kuto, Ile des Pins, New Caledonia Highlights

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New Caledonia
This stunning natural saltwater pool flanked by pine trees is one of the most popular locales on the entire Isle of Pines, thanks to its warm and crystal-clear waters, abundant and colorful tropical fish swarming around the coral reefs and lovely...
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Kanumera Bay, New Caledonia
One of the island’s most popular bays, Kanumera provides an idyllic mix of stunning white-sand beach, sparkling and shallow blue sea and—when cruise ships are anchored offshore—a vibrant mix of local handicraft and food stalls. Located just a...
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The 262-meter-high (860-foot-high) peak of Pic N’Gâ offers a panoramic view of the whole island. The ascent, accessible to anyone, takes around an hour, and is best done with decent footwear (i.e., not flip-flops). Especially if it’s a hot day, it...
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RM3, Wero, New Caledonia
These long-abandoned ruins, once part of a 19th-century convict prison, can be found just north of Kuto Bay, in the area known as Ouro, around 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) from where the cruise ships dock. The large brick-and-stone complex consists...
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Route de la Reine Hortense, Wapwangâ, New Caledonia
The Grotto of Queen Hortense is one of New Caledonia's most mysterious—and popular—sites. Accessed via a forest and lush tropical gardens in the Touété tribal area, the caves are physically striking thanks to a large, dramatic portal and plenty of...
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Route d'Oro, New Caledonia
This welcoming restaurant is located on a rural campsite east of the Le Méridien hotel. It offers fantastic views across the water from the tree-covered outside dining area, warm and friendly service and a menu that features lobster or fish as...
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Part of a guesthouse set up by Guillaume and Eulalie Kouathe in the 1980s, this casual restaurant has an idyllic location between a lush tropical rain forest and a gorgeous white-sand beach. Just 15 minutes away from the main pier, the setting...
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Kuto, New Caledonia
Located on Kuto Peninsula close to the island’s police station, and two minutes on foot from the landing jetty, Boutique Créations Île des Pins is a colorful and inviting place to find local souvenirs and handicrafts. Set up by friendly owners...
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Vao, New Caledonia
The settlement of Vao, in the south, is the official administrative center of the island. It has a couple of small shops and conveniences, but its main sight is its 19th-century church, Notre-Dame de L’Assomption. It can be found in the center of...