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Kazakhstan...a real adventure

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I consider myself an explorer more than a tourist. My idea of travel is just wandering around cities and other locations to experience life there, more so than to check off a laundry list of sights, foods, etc. But on this recent trip to...
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улица Асета Найманбаева 95, Almaty 050020, Kazakhstan
One of the most amazing and mysterious things I have noticed on my trip is the strange fascination Kazakhstan has with the Beatles. They’re everywhere: on bars, shops and in all aspects of Kazakh urban life. My understanding is that this all stems...
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Semey 070000, Kazakhstan
Semey is a little town located in Eastern Kazakhstan that is primarily famous for being part of the nuclear polygon, a part of the Kazakhstan used extensively for nuclear tests. But what few tourists know is that it is the perfect small town for a...
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Turkistan, Kazakhstan
For a solo backpacker in Kazakhstan, the idea of traveling is a strange experience. When one goes to Rome, Egypt or even Japan most people have an idea of the sites, cultures and people they will interact with, but Kazakhstan can be a bit of a...
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Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Please allow your eyes to enjoy how beautifully noodles, mutton and potatoes can be arranged to attract all your senses... what a great adaptation of the national food, 'beshbermak' :)