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Jordan - one of my child dreams come true

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This is what my eyes and my soul capture of this little piece of earth Located in one of the corners of the black spot named the middle east where for us the western are afraid of Hope you enjoy it as much as I did
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I walked through the Street of Facades and saw remnants of tombs and homes stacked one on top of the other. The doorways were so dark I wondered if they were a black hole able to transport me to another place and time if I crossed the threshold. I...
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Madaba Governorate, Jordan
in Madaba we were on our way to the church where youi see the mosaic of the 12 apostles and we found a 13% of alcohol beer one pint and i was on the floor this is strong stuff
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Taha Al-Hashemi St., Amman, Jordan
Amman is a cute little city that will show you what is being on an Arabic country even will make you feel like if you were on a War zone This one of the biggest roman theaters that I have ever visited, I recommend to do the hike from here to the...
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Jerash Governorate, Jordan
Jerash, huge archeological site a little forgotten by the local authorities also make sure that you get a guide in advance or be willing to pay 20JD i didn't take the tour and i believe i missed a lot You will find local kids just wanting to be on...
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I visited Wadi Rum on the way to Petra–a perfect detour. The landscape feels like that of another planet. Petroglyphs can be found all over, proof of human travel through this area for thousands of years.