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Jamaica's Top Historical Sites

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History buffs in Jamaica can explore a pirate city, tour a great house, and see vestiges of the island's colonial past, including Jamaica's Maroon community. Jamaica's top historical sites are never far away, no matter where you end up on the island.
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Rose Hall Road, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica
While Jamaica has several "great houses"—former plantation houses—the Rose Hall Great House, outside Montego Bay, is one of its most visited. Set on beautiful grounds towering over the Caribbean, this 19th-century Georgian home was...
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Discovery Bay, Jamaica
Directly off the northern highway is Columbus Park, overlooking the scenic harbor at Discovery Bay, where Columbus was thought to have first anchored—although recent indications are that he sailed there from St. Ann’s Bay. The park is the only...
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Listed as a National Monument, this 100-feet tall lighthouse—located on the island’s easternmost point—dates back to 1841 and is the oldest in Jamaica. Built of cast iron in London, it was erected with the help of African laborers, who were...
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Port Royal, Jamaica
Port Royal, once known as the wickedest city on earth and the Sodom of the New World, revels in its pirate past. The once-great city, now a fishing port, was at its height in the 1600s, when numerous brothels and drinking establishments...
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When in Kingston, make time for a stop at Devon House, a grand 1891 Georgian mansion that was built for George Stiebel, Jamaica's first non-white millionaire. The lovely upright house and its 11 surrounding acres are now...
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Accompong Maroon, Jamaica
You won’t regret a visit to Accompong Town, an authentic Maroon village in the hills of Cockpit Country. The Maroons, descendants of enslaved West Africans first brought to Jamaica by the Spanish, fought British slaveholders—by...