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Einstein St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

If you're looking for a great brunch on Tel Aviv, I would highly recommend to check Comme Il Faut in the promenade.

All organic food, fresh products and interesting twists on all the classical Isareli breakfast items: salads, freshly baked bread,...

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Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel
Wadi Nisnas in Haifa is a neighborhood of white cobblestone streets and whimsical public art projects, but the best reason to visit might be the bakeries. This baklava is not only delicious but beautiful too, lined up in symmetrical rows or...
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Nazareth, Israel
Don't visit the Christian sites in Nazareth without popping into a local bakery. Try to buy it right out of the oven. Warm, melty cheese, sugar, pastry, pistachios-what's not to love. It melts in your mouth. We liked the knafeh in Nazareth better...
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Tiberias, Israel
The Sea of Galilee pours into the Jordan River -- filled with rich spiritual history and where you can find Kibbutz Degania and Kibbutz Kinneret nearby (two of Israel's oldest and most well known communal settlements). We arrived there very...
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Ha-Hagana St, Acre, Israel
The smallest holding in the mini-empire of Uri Jeremias, who also owns Akko’s Uri Buri restaurant and Efendi Hotel, this bright and no-frills ice cream shop sits along the old city’s western seafront. These are natural treats, made using local...
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Masad, Israel
The fortress of Masada is on the top of a plateau near the Dead Sea. The construction is amazing, especially considering how long ago it was made. It put me in mind of the Pyramids of Egypt. You can actually walk up the mountain (over 900 steps)...
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Sea of Galilee
Decks has been named the best restaurant in Northern Israel by the Frommer's travel book and I could say indeed it is. It is set on a long deck jutting out over the Sea of Galilee with wonderful vistas and refreshing breezes. This corner of the...
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These days it's easy to cross the border into the West Bank. I highly recommend spending time exploring the other side of the wall. The Church of the Nativity is believed to be located over the cave that marks the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth....
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32, Hadar Street (Cl.5), Caesarea, Israel
The ancient city of Caesarea, which is located halfway between Haifa and Tel Aviv, was founded in 90 B.C.E. and has a wealth of history and archaeological ruins, most notably those that date from the Roman Empire. The impressive Roman aqueduct,...
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Kibuts Galuyot St 1, Haifa, Israel
A local institution in downtown Haifa, Abu Maron is a small bistro famous for the best hummus, pickles and spicy French fries in the city—some would argue in all of Israel. Built into the side of the city’s main mosque, it continues to provide an...