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Isla Robinson Crusoe

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Located on the north coast of Isla Robinson Crusoe, Cumberland Bay sits in the shadow of the volcanic peaks that form the spine of the island. Along the bay is the island’s only settlement, San Juan Bautista, a quiet town of fishermen living...

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Saint John Baptist, Juan Fernández, Región de Valparaíso, Chile

Around 700 people live in the only permanent settlement in the Juan Fernández Archipelago, San Juan Bautista on Isla Robinson Crusoe. Although no longer as isolated as it was when Alexander Selkirk, the likely inspiration for Robinson...

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Three major islands form the Juan Fernández Archipelago National Park: Alexander Selkirk, Robinson Crusoe and Santa Clara. The last is the smallest of the three. Sitting off of the western tip of Robinson Crusoe, the uninhabited Santa...

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Robinson Crusoe Island, Valparaiso Region, Chile

The Juan Fernández fur seal can be spotted only in the waters around the islands of the archipelago they are named after, as well as in the even more isolated San Felix or Desventuradas islands to the north. These are the world’s...

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These little birds bear a distinguished name thanks to the fact that they were spotted by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. The penguins are found along the coasts of Argentina, Chile and even as far north as Brazil. There is a...