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Remember your childhood Choose Your Own Adventure books? Imagine, on your next cruise expedition you get to choose to be an ice explorer, a sea navigator, or an archaeological adventurer.
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'Uturoa 98735, French Polynesia
Inhibitions fade and walls come down when you find yourself in a place where worldly troubles feel long gone—like on Tahiti and its islands. Sometimes, the best thing about going so far away from home is making new friends to share your paradise...
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Ave du Prince Hīnoi, Pape'ete 98713, French Polynesia
There is nothing quite like a Tahitian sunset. Captured here is the outlined grandeur of the Island of Moorea as viewed from Papeete, Tahiti. A part of the Society Islands, Moorea, isn't a big island. About 10 miles across from east to west, it...
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Motu Murimaora, French Polynesia
French Polynesia has become synonymous with romantic getaways, and it’s probably because this paradise really does conjure images of Adam and Eve. Aboard Paul Gauguin cruises, you have 24-hour room service, so hiding out in your cabin, just the...
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Climb into a sturdy kayak for a polar safari, where you encounter the ice and its creatures such as the Crabeater seal, up close. Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic experts were the first to pioneer kayaking in the polar regions, which means...
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Excerpt from a daily report aboard National Geographic Explorer on February 23, 2013. Just off shore, in deeper water, lay the massive rotting tabular bergs that may stay locked up in the sea ice for years as they bounce around the Weddell Sea. In...
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Penguin behavior is endlessly fascinating. In the Antarctic spring, hundreds of Gentoo penguins parade before us, reestablishing their bonds, mating, staking their claim, and thievishly stealing stones from one another for their nests. And you are...