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Plaza Herrera Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama
For the location of their first independent hotel, Atelier Ace (the creative arm behind the buzzy Ace Hotel Group) chose Panama City’s historic Casco Viejo, a once gang-ridden neighborhood now teeming with trendy restaurants, cafes, and wine...
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Punta Culebra, Panamá, Panama
You are (almost) guaranteed the sight many an iguana and at least one sloth while on a visit to Punta Culebra. This small treasure is a Smithsonian museum outpost on Amador Causeway. The grounds are made of a forest and beach, as well as...
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Veracruz, Panama
Playa Veracruz is dotted with about a dozen small ranchitos (concessions) and bars. During weekends, it's especially popular with young locals, who come here to let loose and dine on super cheap grub. The offerings are good: ceviche, fried fish,...
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We trekked in a hand-carved canoe on Rio Gatun into the rainforest to meet one of Panama's most intriguing indigenous tribes, the Embera Indians. Native to the Darien region of the south--reputed to be one of the most dangerous places in the...
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Cerro Sonsonate, San Miguelito, Panama
This was one of the most beautiful views that I witnessed in the charming country of Panama, while visiting my best friend from college that was living and working there. The dome of the temple resembles some sort of spacecraft, and while the...
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Contadora Island, Saboga, Panama
Snorkel, fish, relax and recover while you're in Panama on Contador Island, in the Pearl Islands Archipelago. These beautiful boats are ready for hire (in hugely affordable fashion) once you've left Panama City and landed on this enchanting...
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Boquete, Panama
En route to the cloud forest and waterfall trails north of Boquete lies an abandoned castle in a lush and magical clearing. The story goes that a man finally started building the dream home for his wife when he retired, but she died before it was...
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San Blas Islands, Panama
A visit to the incredible 365-island archipelago (also called the San Blas Islands) within the communal lands of the Guna Yala indigenous nation provides some extraordinary seaside experiences. The islands making up the outer archipelago...
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Calle 48, Panamá, Panama

Panama is a leading center for contemporary art from all over Latin America. In Casco Viejo, the Weil Art Gallery is widely considered to have one of the finest collections of paintings and sculptures and represents a number of important...

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Entre Ave. Herrera y Ave. Amador Guerrero, Calle 5ta, Colón 0301-02965, Panama

As you might expect from a city named for Columbus, Colón has a rich and colorful history. While Panama’s outlet to the Caribbean was once flush with stunning colonial architecture, it declined greatly, with many landmark buildings...

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Le Mare, planta baja Panama City, Panamá, Panama
Just off of the Plaza Herrera, Unido is a chic cafe that sources the purest beans from Panama's best coffee plantations and is a great place to start the morning
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Explore Panama’s tropical rain forest at canopy level with a ride on an aerial tram in Soberanía National Park. Starting on the bank of the Chagres River, the tram is a 20-minute ride to a hilltop observation tower. An onboard naturalist will...