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History Comes Alive in Spain

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A medieval garden, a fortress, a cathedral alight with the warm glow of candles... Spain has a long and tumultuous story of how it came to be the melting pot that it is today. Piece the puzzle together by visiting the country's ancient corners, glimpsing its monuments, and walking the streets and paths of days gone by.
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Plaza Margarita Xirgu, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain
Merida is an instantly likable city and easily reached from Madrid on a day trip. Life is slower in Extremadura; upon our stepping out of the car, palm trees were gently swaying in the breeze, and the pace of life on the streets felt just right—...
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Plaza de Santa María, s/n, 09003 Burgos, Spain
Hands down, my favorite Cathedral in all of Spain, the Burgos Cathedral is yet another UNESCO World Heritage site and with valid reason. Everywhere you look, there is hard work and dedication to the art of decoration. From the intricately carved...
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Calle de la Union, s/n, 45001 Toledo, Spain
Walking under massive archways, getting lost on cramped side streets, and following the sparkling, firefly-like lights of Toledo leaves you feeling like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. Religion lies at the heart of Toledo’s history, and because...
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Baixada del Monestir, 9, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
This Gothic monastery houses collections from Barcelona's City History Museum, but if you've got only an hour or so, skip the exhibits in favor of a walk around. Founded by King James II of Aragon in 1326, the monastery (or monestir in...
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Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
In the middle of a fairly ordinary looking plaza en Cuitat Vella, savvy visitors can spot evidence of Barcelona's Roman history. Once a road with funerary monuments on either side, gradually the road was surrounded by the city. You can see the...
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Av. Extremadura, 2, 41970 Santiponce, Sevilla, Spain
Located a short cab or bus ride (roughly 9km) outside Seville, the Roman city of Italica is well worth a visit for any and all interested in classical civilizations. Not only does it have a remarkable amphitheater in an excellent state of...
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Av. de Sant Francesc, 6, 17001 Girona, Spain
A short distance north of Barcelona is one of the most magical places we've found. Walking through the streets of Girona makes you feel like you've stepped back in to medieval times. The rough, uneven stone walls tower above you. You can feel as...
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Plaza Alfonso II el Casto, s/n, 33003 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
Located in the heart of Asturias is a charming, lesser known city, Oviedo. Oviedo is often passed up in visits to Spain, but should not be missed! The Cathedral of Oviedo stands proudly in the main city square, and the beautiful carved facade...
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Plaza Chica, 10, 37008 Salamanca, Spain
Part of the charm in Salamanca lies in the moments of sunlight bouncing off the water, reflecting onto the stony bridge and warming you from the inside out. The purpose of any bridge is to transport you from one place to another, and the Roman...