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Highlights of Zadar

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Ul. Ćirila Ivekovića 4, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
Croatia’s cool seaside city of Zadar is known for its showstopping sunsets. Architect Nikola Bašić has created two spectacles that harness the local natural beauty. The Sea Organ is a musical instrument fashioned from pipes and holes...
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Ul. Bedemi zadarskih pobuna 3, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
Housed in a restored 19th-century palace, the Museum of Ancient Glass (which faces the Jazine harbor, filled with expensive yachts) is home to one of the world's best collections of ancient Roman glass. When Croatia was part of the Roman Empire...
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Narodni trg 5, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
Zadar's People's Square (Narodni trg) is a large piazza that has been the heart of the city's public life since the Renaissance. The 16th-century City Guard building with its 19th-century clock tower is a great starting place if you want to...
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Ul. Šimuna Kožičića Benje, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
One of the most popular stops in Zadar is commonly referred to as the Gold and Silver of Zadar exhibit, though its formal name is the Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art. You'll find this remarkable collection housed in the Benedictine convent...
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Zeleni trg, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
Some ruins are located far from contemporary cities; Zadar's Roman Forum, by contrast, is right in the heart of town. Constructed by Augustus, it was the site of a temple that was built for the Roman gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The forum was...
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Široka ul. 24, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the largest church in Dalmatia, is on a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It makes its way to the top of Zadar's tourist must-dos because of its bell tower. Begun in 1452, it...
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Ul. Među bedemima, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
The best-known of the gates along the walls that ring Zadar is the Land Gate, once the main entrance to the city. If you only have time to see one of the gates—the Sea Gate, the Bridge Gate and St. Rocco's Gate are other popular stops—this is the...
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Ul. Zadarskog Mira 1358. 1358, 23000, Zadar, Croatia
The oldest Gothic church in Dalmatia dates back to 1359—and its monastery is even older. Built around 1221, it was home to a Franciscan school and a precursor of the University of Zadar. Although the interior of the church is relatively unadorned,...
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Unnamed Road, 23284, Veli Iž, Croatia
Iž is one of the most visited islands in the Zadar archipelago. While many islands in the area are uninhabited, Iž is home to some 600 residents and is famous for its traditional earthenware olive oil containers. Near Iž are the Kornati Islands—89...
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Lozovac, Croatia
Gorgeous waterfalls that take your breath away. Take the time to get there right when it opens and do your swim before the crowds appear.