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Guatemala in 7 Days

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I wanted to travel to someplace where you wouldn't first think to go. Europe was out. Asia was far, Africa was expensive, Guatemala was perfect. I was inspired to travel there after learning about Lake Atitlan, one of the most incredible bodies of water I've ever seen. From there I was obsessed. I thoroughly researched the country of Guatemala and where to go. My final trip included 4 days at the lake, and 3 days in Antigua, the former capital. Check out the highlights below and hopefully I can inspire you to take a trip there yourself.
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Solola, Lake Atitlan, Tzununa la Laguna 07010, Guatemala
Maya Moon describes themselves as a lodge. It's true, they have lodge-like qualities, but there is so much more to experience there. My first morning there (and in Guatemala), I experienced what's shown above: a picturesque sunrise you would only...
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Río San Miguel Escobar (Efímero), Ciudad Vieja,, Cd Vieja, Guatemala
Tour isn't the right word to describe what I experienced. De La Gente Coffee is a Co-op which sponsors Coffee Farmers around Antigua. What's special about De La Gente Coffee is the quality they put into their coffee, and the care they show for...
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Tzununa, Guatemala
This caught me by surprise. My host told me about a hike connecting Tzununa (close to where I was) to Jaibalito. What I was expecting was a nice walk with views you would expect to see around a lake, what I was met with was the most alluring and...
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Guatemala City, Guatemala
Not quite as big or crowded, Antigua has its own city park where tourists and locals gather to sit, talk, play games, shop, eat, and drink. Located almost exactly in the center of the city, the park can be a starting point for your adventure...
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7 Av, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
Navigating my way through San Pedro's market, Phil, a retired Canadian teacher visiting Guatemala since 1993, helped me out of a bartering jam. Phil invited me to lunch, and a place called Smokin' Joes. I accepted the invitation and we set off. I...
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Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
After an earthquake in 1773 that rocked Antigua so badly, instead of rebuilding, they went ahead and completely changed the location of the country's capital. What was left of Antigua was a bunch of ruins. Those same ruins are there today,...
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San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala
San Juan, a small town situated on the west side of Lake Atitlan, offers visitors some very authentic and amazing fabrics to purchase.These fabrics are authentic; made usually by the store owner or another local, they are on display and you are...
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Antigua Finca San Buenaventura, Panajachel 07010, Guatemala
Although a bit more touristy than I expected, the Nature Reserve in Panajachel doesn't disappoint. Take a Tuk Tuk (Q10) from Panajachel to the Nature Reserve, and you will have numerous activities to participate in. I went the traditional tourist...
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When you step foot off the boat into the town of Santa Cruz, you have nowhere else to go but up. The majority of the town is situated on a mountainside. One of the first things you will notice up on the hill is a "Cecap Cafe" sign. Make your way...
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Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala
A local idol who is known for part taking vices like drinking and smoking. Maximon (pronounced mash-ee-mon) can be found situated in a random house (the idol moves locations every year) surrounded by candles, creepy dolls, other various nick...