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Guatemala City for Friends

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Guatemala City, Guatemala's largest urban area, lies on a high mountainous valley surrounded by ancient volcanoes. It's an ideal destination for those interested in exploring both the Latin American city lifestyle as well as its gorgeous and unique natural environment.
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622 North and South Rd, St. Louis, MO 63130, USA
Dive into heaped plates of spicy enchiladas, refried beans, crazy-good queso fundido, and oh so many delicious margaritas at this popular Mexican restaurant with art from Frida Kahlo and her partner Diego Rivera hanging on the walls. Great fun...
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1 Avenida, Guatemala
A pleasingly thumping sound system, well-priced drinks, and an up-for-it crowd make this one of the best bets for a fun night out clubbing in town. Check their Facebook site for special deals and if it's your birthday make sure you tell them—...
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Boulevard Vista Hermosa 2da. Calle, Guatemala 01015, Guatemala
Aerostatika, an FAA-approved hot-air balloon company, can take you to new heights above the breathtaking mountains and valleys in the country surrounding Guatemala City. Spend an hour floating along at the mercy of the breeze, silent but for the...
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7A Avenida 6-73, Guatemala
When visiting Guatemala City I decided to hire a private guide for the day, vetted through Tours By Locals, and see as much as I could since I only had one day to spend there. The guide took me to the main square where we visited the beautiful...
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7ta. Avenida 6a, Guatemala
For an immersive tour through Mayan history in Guatemala City, visit the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. They have carefully curated one of the most intriguing collections of Mayan artifacts. Each hall caters to a different time period and...
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zona 10, 5A Avenida 14-67, Guatemala
Sizzling, juicy steak will keep you coming back to Hacienda Real in Guatemala City. A favorite of tourists and locals alike, this steak house is famous for its tenderloin called "lomito." Giant shrimp or flaky fish grilled and smothered in garlic...
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5A Avenida, Guatemala
The vintage charm of this Spanish restaurant fits perfectly with the architecture and Spanish colonial history of Zona 1. This place is light on tapas, but has an extensive list of delicious entrees. Tip: Order the paella!
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Guatemala City, Guatemala
When you get the craving for mid-day tacos in Guatemala City, stop at one of the many Tacontentos in the area. They specialize in tacos, and they know what they're doing. I personally loved the carne asada ones, but the pork was also tender and...
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Via 6, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
While checking out the music scene at TrovaJazz, sample the Ron Zacapa Centenario. This premium rum is made with concentrated sugar-cane juice, then aged and blended. Supposedly its unique flavor is due to its location; the barrels are stored just...
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12 Calle, Guatemala
When in Guatemala it may feel counter-intuitive to visit a European-style pub, however a night out at Reilly's Irish Tavern is guaranteed to be a good time. A haven for locals and expats who are looking for live music outside of the Latin genre,...
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18 Calle, Guatemala
A great shop full of bright hand-crafted fabrics, leather goods, pottery, paintings, jewelry, and housewares. I was particularly interested in the beautiful patterns in the fabrics, and happily purchased a couple to bring home with me. Great stop...
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14 Calle 0-61, Guatemala 01010, Guatemala
I'm one of those travelers who has to find some type of cultural artifact to bring home with me from my adventures. Not a "souvenir," per se, but an item that meant something to me during the trip. Typically this ends up being a local's piece of...
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Las Americas, Avenida Las Americas, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Junky Glam has a great collection of vintage and trendy items for sale, ranging from graphic tees to neon accessories. Similar to an Urban Outfitters, sans the hefty price tag, this is the perfect place to pickup a fashionable memento. While the...
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Pacaya, Guatemala
Steam baths, hot lava, and stunning lagoon views await you on this one-day trek up the slopes of Pacaya—Guatemala’s most active volcano. For $65 US, Guatemala Adventure Tours and Travel provides transportation from your hotel in Guatemala City and...