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Greece: Magical Islands, Mystical Mainland

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If you've spent any time in Greece, you know it's a magical place. Every island has its own personality, from picture-perfect Santorini to far-flung Kastilorizo. Historic mainland sites hold secrets of ancient mythology, where Greek heros fought Olympian gods. Modern Greeks are loud, passionate and hospitable. Local food is simple, cheap and delicious, with delicacies like phyllo pies, souvlaki, moussaka and baklava on many menus. And everything goes better with ouzo or tsipoura. Yamas!
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Agiou Markou 8, Chania 731 32, Greece
With its Venetian fortifications, Turkish mosque and waterfront tavernas, Chania Harbor is a medley of cultures that reflects Crete's layered past. The Venetians built its oft-photographed lighthouse in the 14th century. Egyptians restored it to...
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Ano Gatzea 373 00, Greece
The little train of Pelion transports four cars of modern travelers across mythical routes of Olympian gods and centaurs, over mountainous terrain studded with lush vegetation. According to legend, this is where Achilles was born, where man-horse...
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Pelion, Zagora 370 01, Greece
Coasteering is the latest craze in Greece's adventure tourism, and it's especially popular on the Pelion Peninsula. Coasteering refers to navigating the coastline by climbing, rock scrambling, and swimming. It's definitely for the braver, more...