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Gothenburg Nightlife

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Cosy wine bars, a strong and still growing craft beer scene, and late-night dancing. Gothenburg nightlife is relaxed but fun.
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Viktoriagatan 12, 411 25 Göteborg, Sweden
Three steps down from the busy street of Viktoriagatan, you’ll find this buzzing wine bar where the friendly staff always have good advice on what to pour in your glass. There are many wines available by the glass, often more than you’ll actually...
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Teatergatan 36, 411 35 Göteborg, Sweden
Need a gin and tonic Spanish style—in a really big wine glass, that is? This is the place. Inspired by the food and wine culture of the Basque Country, Juan Font serves a selection of wine and cold cuts and the occasional pizza. If you ask for a...
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Götabergsgatan 28, 411 34 Göteborg, Sweden
What do you do when your wine cellar is bursting with quality vintage wines? If you are like gourmet restaurant 28+, which serves luxurious French food with a modern, Swedish twist and has held a Michelin star for over 27 years, you open a wine...
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411 15 Gothenburg, Sweden
The charming back yard just off the Dome of Gothenburg hosts this cosy champagne bar with champagne from smaller parcels and growers that you don’t always find on the shelves of Systembolaget (the Swedish liquor store with a virtual monopoly on...
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Andra Långgatan 15, 413 28 Göteborg, Sweden
The most recent addition to the bustling, bar-based nightlife of Andra Långgatan is a wine bar—a reincarnation of the much loved cellar wine bar Vink. Tvinky is in an old converted garage and serves food (in both whole and half portions) as well...
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Magasinsgatan 3, 411 18 Göteborg, Sweden
Really just a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, this beer hall serves pinxtos the Basque way—small and delicious little sandwiches with such fillings as anchovies, squid, and chorizo. It's the perfect place to start the evening.
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Kyrkogatan 31, 411 08 Göteborg, Sweden
This daytime café located in a narrow alley turns into a tiny restaurant at night—with only 12 seats! The food is presented family style, with communal servings of the day's set menu. Inspired by both the cuisines of Europe and Asia, the chef...
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Storgatan 22, 411 38 Göteborg, Sweden
Go for an Italian-style brunch or dinner in this downstairs restaurant/bar/hotel (they have one guest room). If you are brave, ask for the chef's table, which is actually located in the kitchen. There is a wide beer selection both on tap and in...
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Kronhusgatan 2B, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden
So you’re a beer aficionado? This is the place for you. At Ölrepubliken ("The Republic of Beer"), beer is so much more than just another drink. It’s serious business, so no matter what kind of beer you like—lambic, stout, or an easygoing pilsner—...
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This is a classic, old-fashioned beer hall with wooden panels, tiles on the floor, and simple wooden chairs and tables. There used to be a lot of beer halls like this in Gothenburg in the old days, especially in the area near the port, but today...
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Tredje Långgatan 8, 413 03 Göteborg, Sweden
Brewers serves upscale sourdough pizza and a good selection of craft beer (including local brews) in the relaxed Långatan area. In the summer, the whole street is for pedestrians only, turning it into a very long outdoor terrace for the bar and...
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Storgatan 47, 411 38 Göteborg, Sweden
Yaki-Da consists of several bars on several floors, with a coffee bar and an Asian kiosk–style bar among other. All the rooms have their own theme, like the “Bedroom,” where the dance floor is decorated like a teenage room from the '90s, or the “...
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Andralångg. 20, 413 28 Göteborg, Sweden
Beer, coffee, and simple pub-style food: It might not sound like much, but this bistro/café/bar was one of the first to mark the new era of Andra Långgatan in 2000. It has been a popular meeting place since then, attracting a younger, alternative...