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Get Active in Martinique

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Martinique’s active pursuits range from hiking and trekking to diving and snorkeling, with a bit of birding and some boating tossed in for good measure. Outdoor attractions and activities are near limitless here—so pack your bag (or your Speedo and sunblock) and head on out.
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138 rue Robert Deloy, Grande Anse, Anses d'Arlet 97217, Martinique
Martinique’s dive sites are spectacular and varied, and include: the wrecks, sloping walls, and black sand of Precheur-St Pierre; the white sand of Anses d’Arlet; the coral gardens of Baie du Diamant; the legendary Diamond rock at Baie de Ste...
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Le Lamentin, Martinique
The Antillean Crested Hummingbird, or Colibri, is common throughout Martinique and Guadelupe, but that doesn't mean a sighting of this elegant little firecracker is any less rewarding—especially when spotted on a hiking trail on the island's...
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Anse Cafard, Le Diamant, Martinique
The Anse Cafard Memorial sits up on a hill in Martinique's southwest, and a visit rewards intrepid travelers with panoramic views and a solemn glimpse into Martinique's past. The 20 statues here memorialize an 1830 incident where a slave ship...
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There are more than 40 diving centers across Martinique that will take you to magical coral reefs on the seabed or the famous Nahoon and Roraima wrecks. Take your underwater skills to the next level in Martinique. From 19th century shipwrecks to...
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Rue Felix Eboue, Bellefontaine, Martinique

As you sail along the coast of Martinique, keep an eye open for the village of Bellefontaine on the northwest coast of the island to see if you can spot the Torgiléo. This unique house and former restaurant is easy to find—it's shaped...