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Piazza del Carmine, 16125 Genova GE, Italy
Piazza del Carmine is a wonderful example of Genoa's small-scale public places, where the open space is just as important as the building surrounding it. I love to have a coffee here while gazing up the steep "salite" (which blend road and...
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Belvedere Luigi Montaldo, 16124 Genova GE, Italy
Pack a few slices of focaccia (and a half bottle of prosecco) and head up to Castelletto at sunset for a beautiful view of the lights coming on over the harbor. If you want to walk it (I warn you, it is steep!), take the staircase at the end of...
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Vico a Destra di S. Pancrazio, 3, 16124 Genova GE, Italy
Let yourself get lost wandering the ancient tiny alleys that make up the oldest section of Genova. Laundry floating above. Cobblestone streets below. Shoe repair shops and cell phone stores and abundant foccacerias all lie hidden in these...
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Vico Caprettari, 14 r, 16123 Genova GE, Italy
Looking to have an authentic old-world barbershop experience? If so, come visit the tiny (only 10 total square meters!) Barbiere near the ancient port. Originally opened in 1882, the barber shop was renovated by the owner's son in 1922 to the art...
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Via Garibaldi, 16124 Genova GE, Italy
This lovely boutique, placed on the ground floor of one of the historic Palazzo di Strada Nuova, sells traditional artisan Genovese food products alongside gorgeous handmade pottery, textiles, and papers. Enjoy the knitted scarves, grab a jar of...
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Vico di Campopisano, 15R, 16128 Genova GE, Italy
An oasis from the bustle of the highly trafficked alleys of ancient Genoa, Campopisano rests near the ocean's edge of town. Towering 15th-century homes (originally built as outposts to watch for potential invaders approaching by sea) shade a small...
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Via XX Settembre, 75r, 16121 Genova GE, Italy
The Genovese (among most Italians) really appreciate fresh food - apples that don't come wrapped in plastic, fish that isn't sealed in styrofoam containers. And so they shop daily for produce that's in season, and fish that has come off a boat...