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Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
After jumping in for a quick swim with sea turtles off Punta Vicente Roca in the Galápagos Islands. These turtles are often active in the area feeding on algae, resting on the sea bottom, or getting cleaned by reef fish—each snorkel offered...
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Peter was excited when I told him we would be traveling to Ecuador and going on a cruise with Ecoventura to the Galápagos Islands, even more enthusiastic when I informed him that he would be seeing hundreds of boobies. What I failed to mention was...
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Fernandina Island, Ecuador
The lagoon near Punta Espinoza is a little slice of heaven, especially if you're a sea turtle looking for a place to catch a few rays. We saw no fewer than a dozen turtles playing in the calm waters of the lagoon, a far cry from the tumultuous...
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Santa Fé Island, Ecuador
September 19, 1835. Darwin sailed past Santa Fe, then known as Barrington Island, sometime after September 19, 1835. Had he landed on Santa Fe, he likely would have come into contact with the island's two endemic species—a variation of the common...
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Sierra Negra, Ecuador
Sierra Negra, located on the amazing Isla Isabela, is the most active volcano in the Galapagos. Although all the islands in the archipelago were believed to have been formed by volcanic eruptions, most volcanoes on the islands are no longer...
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Finca Palo Santo, Barrio Salasaca, Parroquia Santa Rosa, EC200350, Ecuador
The two owners of Galapagos Safari Camp dreamed up the idea for this luxury tent camp while sitting in a tree and admiring the views on the 135-acre farm where the lodge now sits. Opened in 2007 in the highlands of Santa Cruz’s transition zone at...
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Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
Across the bay from Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, Finch Bay is one of the few hotels in the Galapagos Islands located near a beach. While the hotel prides itself on its ecofriendly touches—such as its own water treatment plant, solar panels,...
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Av. Conocarpus, Puerto Villamil 200250, Ecuador
Iguanas swim here in the ocean, which, separated only by a line of palm trees, nearly laps right up to the front of La Casa de Marita. The three-level building began 20 years ago as a house, literally Marita’s house. It has continued to...