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Fuzhou with Friends

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Located in the beautiful Min River Valley between Shanghai and Hong Kong, Fuzhou has maintained its influence as an international port and multicultural center. With numerous hot springs, temples, museums, markets, and day trips to wilderness, it's a dream for visitors.
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Bai Ma Nan Lu, TaiJiang ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China
The Baima Lu Bar Street has all the choices you need for a night out on the town. Here, you'll find various establishments serving a selection of wine, cocktails, and draught beer, and offering everything from live music to sports broadcasts. Shao...
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Fuxin Rd, Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350011
BBoss nightclub is the most happening spot in all of Fuzhou, and it's easy to see why, just from viewing its extravagant exterior. BBoss also features an interior elegance that is unrivaled in the local nightclub scene, and is host to many live...
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212 Wusi Rd, WuSi Lu ZhongYang ShangWu Qu, Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350011
Min Opera, also called Fuzhou Opera, shares the development of Fuzhou culture and performance art in a unique way. The beautiful style of folkloric opera is sung in the Fuzhou dialect, accompanied by traditional flutes and drums. The opera style...
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Jin'an, Fuzhou, China
This pretty park is easy to get to, just 30 minutes from central Fuzhou. There are so many things to do here: visit the aviary, walk through the bamboo forest, ride the giant slide. If you have time, shop for fresh food at the market and bring it...
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21 Xianta St, DongJieKou ShangQuan, Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350011
Most areas of the city can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty but have been modernized. On Bayiqi road, though, you'll find yourself in one of the older and more immersive shopping districts in Fuzhou. With walking streets and entire roads that...
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Yongtai, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
With abundant, exotic flora and fauna, the Lefeng Chibi Scenic Area is a must-visit site just outside Fuzhou City. The rugged scenery and views alone are worth the trip; however, for the more active outdoor traveler, there are abundant actives,...
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Shuguang Rd, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350009
You won't mind lingering near the riverside at this lounge while waiting for friends, family, or colleagues. If you're in search of a cleansing juice or refreshing cocktail, then they've got you covered anytime of day. Their signature drinks and...
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Changle N Rd, DongQu ShangQuan, Jinan Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350011
Outside Fuzhou on the White Cloud Peak of Gushan Mountain sits the Buddhist Yongquan Temple. While it is famed for its pottery pagodas, intricate architecture, and ancient Buddhist scriptures, it's a great place to eat as well. After the...
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China, Fujian, Fuzhou Shi, Yongtai Xian, 青云山景区
Atop Qingyun Mountain, overlooking the terraced hillsides, you'll forget you're just outside the bustle of Fuzhou. The mountain offers various ways to immerse yourself in nature: stroll through flowery meadows, visit ancient sites, hike to the...
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Gongye Rd, LiMing ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350004
The Baolong City Plaza is much more than a shopping mall. Inside, you'll find the expected little shops, but in addition they boast an international cinema, hanging artworks, a five-story department store, and a two-floor grocery store. However,...