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Five Ports Calling You to Norway

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While some cruises stop at a few ports and cultural experiences are often limited to extravaganzas in the theater, Hurtigruten offers a different style of cruising. You become part of Norway’s daily life, aboard ships that provide an essential transportation network connecting 34 towns and cities—many on the country’s dramatic fjords and 22 of them north of the Arctic Circle. From historic sites to natural wonders, a journey with Hurtigruten covers more than 2500 miles and thousands of years.
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Bergen, Norway
Every day one of Hurtigruten’s 11 ships departs from Bergen, the starting point for the line’s coastal voyages. Founded by King Olaf III in 1070, it’s a fitting place to begin your maritime adventure having been a center of trade for more than a...
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Rasmus Rønnebergs gate 16, 6002 Ålesund, Norway
While the architecture of Bergen dates back hundreds of years, most of Ålesund was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1904—a common problem in old Norwegian towns, where buildings were largely constructed of wood. That disaster, however, turned...
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Nordre gate 11, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
Norway’s third largest city (after Oslo and Bergen), Trondheim has a charming and appealing intimacy. Today the city is famous as the center of Norway’s technology industry—the country’s own Silicon Valley—but it’s the historic sites that interest...
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Lofoten, Vågan Municipality, Norway
As you continue north, you reach what is the highlight for many Hurtigruten passengers, the Lofoten Islands. The area is renowned for its natural beauty, with mountains soaring from the sea to the sky and at their bases small villages of simple...
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Samuel Arnesens gate 5, 9008 Tromsø, Norway
The city of Tromsø will feel like an unexpected surprise. Here, far north of the Arctic Circle, is a bustling university town. After Bergen’s monopoly on the cod trade was ended in the 18th century, the city boomed in importance and earned the...