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Five Danish Words You Should Know

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When you travel to Denmark and its capital city, Copenhagen, you’ll find an enthralling blend of new and old, modern and classic, and everything from renaissance castles to emerging, trendy neighborhoods. You’ll also find that almost every Dane you meet speaks flawless English, making it that much easier to navigate to stunning highlights of Danish design and famous culinary experiences. Still, these five Danish words are worth learning for some insights on what is waiting for you in Denmark.
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Nyhavn 71, 1051 København, Denmark
Hygge (pronounced “hooga”) is one of those Danish words that has no exact translation in English, but is used to describe cosy social gatherings, and intimate get-togethers with family and friends. In the winter, hygge could involve that cuddly...
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Ny Østergade 34, 1101 København, Denmark
First, the Danish word slot has little to do with the English word “slot” except etymologically, sharing a common root word from centuries ago. Instead, the Danish slot is a castle and Copenhagen has several that should be at the top...
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Nannasgade 28, 2200 København, Denmark
This one’s easy: skål (pronounced “skoal”) is Danish for “cheers” and a term you are likely to hear frequently in the bars of Copenhagen. The Nyhavn Canal lined with waterfront bars is a popular and central starting point, though there are many...
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Holbergsgade 12, 1057 København, Denmark
Smørrebrød (roughly “smuhr-bruth”) literally means “butter and bread,” but on top of the bread you’ll find smoked salmon, piles of prawns, generous slices of roast beef, or some other topping. Though the sandwich is easy to find in Copenhagen,...
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Enghavevej 51, 1674 København, Denmark
You may be able to guess this one quickly—cykel is the Danish word for a bike. The history of the Danish commitment to creating bicycle friendly cities dates back decades and other cities around the world have long looked to Copenhagen for...