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Finding Europe's Best Street Food

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Forget the big fast-food chains. From the Turkish wrap that's taken Europe by storm, to Berlin's signature sausage doused in curried ketchup, there are lots of ways eat like a local in Europe, even on the go.
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Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin, Germany
It’s often a surprise for visitors to Berlin to discover that Turkish postwar immigrants created the popular döner kebab here. The city takes its kebabs seriously, and there are several hot spots whose reputation precedes them. One such...
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Alexanderpl., 10178 Berlin, Germany
Our guide decided we couldn't be in Berlin more than a night without sampling the currywurst. This little fast-food joint in the train station might not be the finest of dining, but at 11:30PM it hit the spot. Though they were in the process of...
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Istanbul, Turkey
One morning outside Sultanahmet I saw what I believe to be a suffi. He looked somewhat like a Turkish version of Santa Claus (which was odd because it was late December), but I don't really know what else he would be with that beard.